Career Highlights

Started his radio career at the age of 12.

Starting in radio in 1978 aged 12, after school at community station 2MCE FM Bathurst, & moving on at 13 to local commercial station 2BS. David started out programming an early automated broadcast computer system. Full-time by 14, hosting live on air drive on 2BS, networked to 2MG Mudgee and 2LF Young.

After on air stints in Canberra, Goulburn and Orange, David moved to 4BC Brisbane to host a nightly magazine style Talk Show in 1991.

When 2UE purchased the station in 1993, John Laws personally asked David to programme & produce his networked show into Brisbane, the first time the Laws Show had attempted taking on a second capital city market outside of Sydney.

After this was achieved successfully, David programmed overall presentation of networked and local shows on 4BC, working alongside News Talk Radio legend John Brennan.

He also hosted his own #1 rating Saturday night show 'Down Memory Lane' a swoon of 50's & 60's music with a popular website he constructed in 1997 to match.

Then as Technical and Content Producer of the John Laws Show at 2UE Sydney, David worked alongside the 'King of Radio' networking the programme to 83 radio stations across Australia. David also built 'The Fortress', the hugely popular John Laws website. He hosted Saturday nights on 2UE for a year, networked to regional stations.

As 2UE Online Manager from 2007 to 2015, David kept the social media content relevant with breaking news & issues. Maintaining the News Talk 2UE Twitter social media, online website & Facebook accounts live & active 24/7.

Co-Hosting & Producing, David worked with Dr. Ross Walker on Healthy Living, broadcast out to network stations across Australia.

2016 & 2017 David hosted nights & overnights on Talking Lifestyle. A mix of lifestyle & high-profile interview guests. David also continues to work with various online media platforms.


Radio Programme | Online Pioneer

David is not new to the online world. He hosted a programme of 50’s & 60’s music ‘Down Memory Lane’ which rated #1 All People 25+ regularly in surveys. He wrote and produced the weekly Feature Years, Feature Artists and music trivia for the programme, along with maintaining a web site with weekly content. The website was co-set up by himself and university graduate in 1997 (their own initiative project, when the dot-com world was in its earliest of days).

Cr. Brisbane Courier Mail

On-air | Nights Talking Lifestyle, Sydney

Host of weekday nights.

On-air | Co-host and producer of popular radio programmes

Host of weekday nights talking to the stars and co-host and Producer of Healthy Living, Radio 2UE, Sydney


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